About Ancient Stone®

Traditionally, cut stone has been synonymous with strength and security. Architecturally, Ancient Stone® has blended these virtues into a variety of precast stone products. Originally developed as a structural alternative to natural stone, our precast material has been in use for over sixty years, withstanding the test of time in all climates and regions.

Ancient Stone® is available in a wide variety of rich Mediterranean, Tuscan, and Southwestern colors. We will blend custom colors to match any existing décor. Our product selection includes structural elements such as columns, balusters, corbels, wall veneer, and caps. Architectural elements including window and door surrounds, fireplace surrounds, mantels, and hood surrounds are all manufactured using our proprietary process of a precast cement-based product. We also produce a lightweight version that is virtually indistinguishable from our original product. As an alternative to traditional flooring materials, we offer a wide variety of different sized pavers, deck tile, pool coping, floor tile, and stair treads and risers. Ancient Stone® precast pavers and tile provide ease of installation, affordable pricing, thermal capabilities (cool in summer, warm in winter) slip resistance, and beauty, making them a logical choice for any type of flooring.

Proudly made in the U.S.A., Ancient Stone® is produced locally in Phoenix Arizona and shipped worldwide. Our product has been used throughout the Valley since 1988, creating points of pride for international celebrities, as well as prominent businesses in the community.